Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Web 1 Website Questions

1. The purpose of my site is to sell Shar-Pei puppies that have been bread as well as rescued from shelters.

2. I feel pretty positive about the final version of my website. I like the photos, gifs and colors I chose to display on my web page. If I had time, I would have added multiple pages such as an about page or more information about my website.

3. It was easy to add photos and a logo to my site to make it look visually pleasing. Making aspects of my website align and look professional took more work for me.

4. This class was just right for me and I learned an incredible amount about coding that I wouldn't have before taking this class. I feel more skilled technologically and am happy I have knowledge regarding coding for the future.

5. I wouldn't change anything about this class, I enjoyed the format of the lessons and felt they were a nice introductory to creating a website.

6. I think as long as a student is responsible and self motivated, the relaxed setting is perfect for doing individual work. I understand there are expectations and it is made known from the beginning that even though you have individual working time, you must complete your assignments to get a decent grade.

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